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Hi, my name is Judy, and a close friend of Pinky Campbell. I’m a mother to a 6 year old and have completely transformed my body because I wanted to change. Being inspired by some of the Victoria Secret Models figures and having researched their diets and exercise routines, here’s my tip for that fitness which everyone wants to achieve. Along this way, my inspiration for diet and fitness grew deeper but into knowing more foods to eat, natural supplements to take, and making it my lifestyle. I wanted to share some of my diet and fitness tips that are very simple and you can apply to your daily life.
DETOX, it’s my first suggestion to you before you begin your diet and exercise program. This will kick start your digestive system, boost your metabolism and flatten your stomach internally. The two kits I use and suggest to you to use first is Detoxin, I picked mine up at Nutrishop. You can use Detoxin every six months. The Michaels kit every three months. I purchased at Whole Foods. These kits cleanse you out, give you more energy, and an overall well-being. As we gracefully age, our digestive system slows down, there are helpful products to assist in good digestion which prevents bloating and stubborn belly fat.


Key Benefits

• Flatten the midsection & reduce the waistline
• Assist in weight loss
• Detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate your body’s filtration system-liver, gallbladder, colon & kidneys
• Relief from temporary bloating
• Improve immune function
• Improve natural energy levels & feeling of well-being

Ultimate Detox & Cleanse – 2 Week Program-(Michaels Naturopathic Programs)

A two-week program, Michael’s Naturopathic Programs Ultimate Detox & Cleanse is a great start to your diet. This vegetarian and kosher formula cleanses the blood, colon, liver and fat. Ultimate Detox & Cleanse aids digestion, helps cleanse the intestinal tract and may help decrease appetite. This formula also supports liver wellness, blood detoxification and fat metabolism while delivering fiber and more. With individual packets, they are convenient and easy-to-use. This product contains no dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, sugar, starch or any artificial ingredients. Non-GMO.
During the detox, you’ll want to try to eat as clean as possible, drink lots of water.
I’m going to move onto diet you can exercise all day and night but if you are not eating clean you are counteracting the effect of exercise. Try to be aware of your calorie intake, if you’re not burning the calories you eat, that’s where we gain weight. Change doesn’t happen overnight, as long as you are willing that’s all you need.
Fat burning foods
Here’s an idea of some natural fat burning foods there are a lot out there, but here are a few I like…
• Coffee
• Peanut Butter
• Dark Chocolate
• Ginger
• Apple
• Lemon
• Almonds
• Greek Yogurt
• Cinnamon
• Berries
• Sweet Potato
• Salmon
• Cayenne Pepper


I have healthy snacks around the house and avoid having bulk sizes of sweets or junk food at my house otherwise I’ll eat it. You can have sweets, but a secret of mine is having them in the small sizes, instead of a king size bag of chips get a small bag, they also have smaller versions of chocolates I like, which is good because it is portion control and you don’t feel bad about it later.

Portion Control

This helps me a lot from overeating my favorite foods I go by my hand rule, anything bigger than a fist, or a fistful is considered overeating… Control over food intake is empowering, to feel good about the way you look and feel is so rewarding!
Please be aware of any allergies to supplements you may have, keep in mind the labels ingredients before consuming. I suggest taking these recommendations first thing in the morning, I personally don’t take everyday, feel out what you feel comfortable with, but at least 3 days a week works. I also researched these elements, and extracted the key points to the weight loss program.
Smooth Move Tea
I’ll use every now and then, when my bowel slows down from some of my cheat days.
Relieves occasional constipation, produces a bowel movement within 6-12 hours. Smooth move gets your “movement” moving again, senna works by gently stimulating your intestines and aiding your body’s natural elimination process.
Bee Pollen-I take a teaspoon of it in the morning to start my day, if I need a boost of energy later in the day, I’ll take another for energy. It’s a natural energizer, enhances stamina, suppresses appetite and cravings, helps dissolve and flush fat from the body.
Apple cider vinegar-I’ll have this a few days a week, I’ll take a mouthful out of the bottle, but for first time users, a teaspoon is suggested. It helps with weight loss, and suppress appetite, increase metabolism.
Coconut Oil-I put a teaspoon or tablespoon in my coffee every morning, you can also add it to your favorite tea. Boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and belly fat.
B12-I’ll do the shots once a week for 4 weeks and then twice a month after that, the shot, pills you can take daily. I go back and forth, increase energy, boosts metabolism, reduce body fat, helps lose weight.
L-Carnitine-fat burner
Vitamin C-helps burn fat
Omega 3(fish oil)-I get the odorless omega from Trader Joes, which is easier to ingest, I remember taking theses as a kid and they smelt bad… Now they have an odorless pill which is a brilliant idea, because this supplement is so good for you. Take before hitting the gym to help nix body fat.
Vitamin D-help lose fat
Green tea pill(EGCG) increase your metabolism, fat burning, increase calorie burning.
Ashwagandha-boost energy, improve athletic performance.
Try, try, try, to have breakfast it is the most important meal of the day, it gives you energy, puts you in a good mood, fuels your body, and prevents overeating later on in the day. These are examples of what I do and ideas to get you started, this is a personal journey, and you will grow, change, and evolve personally.
Please drink at least, 4 cups a day, it helps you not overeat, and is good for your skin, and helps you digest food much better, hunger tricks us, instead of heading for a snack have water, and if you are still hungry have a handful of almonds or an apple.
Eat breakfast, it sets the mood right and avoids overeating later in the day. I have a slice of wheat toast or bagel with butter, and add on peanut butter. I have a glass of probiotic yogurt there are several flavors, I switch it up, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry. This is usually enough for me, but if I’m still feeling hungry I will eat an apple or banana. I also have a cup of coffee with vanilla almond milk, and teaspoon of coconut oil.
I will have a salad you can put whatever you want in it, I love the whole foods salad bar, I’ll walk around and throw a little bit of everything on it, and if the hot bar looks I’ll throw on a few things too.
Guacamole with spicy flax chips.
Smoothie (you can either make at home, or get it from a smoothie bar.)
Juice-I have a juice as much as possible every week, when I started juicing I stopped eating meat, improved my digestive system, my sense of smell, hearing, eyesight and keeps me slim and healthy.
Late night eating
The idea is to eat heavier earlier in the day, and lighter at night, our bodies are not as active at this time, and slows down for rest. I feel you should not eat after 8pm, if you are really hungry have a greek yogurt, a glass of kefir(yogurt smoothie) a few tablespoons of peanut butter, I eat by the spoon, yummy snack during the day too, with some apple slices.
Don’t worry about weight on the scale, when you look in the mirror, and you are happy with what you see thats all that matters.
You can have any type of body you want! Pick a body inspiration you want, save pictures to refer to, and to remind you of the body you are working towards. Positive thinking, if they can have a body like that so can I, know you are worth it. These people are not born this way they work for their bodies. Be willing to change, change is beautiful, embrace it.
I’ve trained 2 times a day, 4-5 days a week… Not a lot of people have time to exercise, so exercise is not an option. I feel I found a balance with exercise, I’m a mother and model, my job demands a fit, toned body. I like low impact exercise. Stretch, before, during and after exercise, stretching lengthens and prepares, and warms up the muscles for exercise. If you don’t want to commit to a gym, youtube has a lot of great fitness videos you can do in the comfort of your own home. I like XHIT, they have upper body, ab workout, butt exercise, leg exercise, and cardio videos. Rebecca Louise, and Kelsey Lee are both awesome and have fun workout videos. I also have a miniature pincher I take her for small walks around the neighborhood and hiking.
I suggest a minimum 3 days a week, hitting the gym/cardio/home/studio, you have options. Pick a form of exercise you enjoy doing, so it doesn’t seem like its such a drag when you get to a class you don’t want to be in. I love google, you should research classes, studios in your area, your new body inspirations, ways of eating, training, maintaining your body, fat burning foods, and supplement benefits. Pick ones your drawn too, everyone is unique and individual, you can create your own personal list. Use it and make it your own. I snapshot information, or take down in my notes on my IPhone, to refer to.
Currently I am exercising at a studio, called Pure Barre, it is fun it is ballet inspired, works seat, hips, thighs, abs, and arms. There is stretching in between exercises, which gives your body a long, lean, strong physique, most effective way to change the shape of your body, producing results in as few as 10 classes, It really has lifted my butt, and made my body tighter and leaner all over and I’m not even half way in, I purchased a month, and am exited to continue with them. I love!!
Easy does it…
Your body will gradually melt away fat, and tighten up, I say 90 days is enough time to see major body changes. Its about progress and not perfection, take it easy, have faith, and watch your body transform towards your new you!
Pick a cheat day!
You have been working on your body and being aware of what you eat, now you deserve to have a day, once a week where you can have a junk food day.
Have fun, be well, and enjoy your fitness journey.
Thank You
Judy Ironbow