Hi!, I am Pinky Campbell. I started “Pinky’s Powder” blog with an urge to flaunt my love for style, beauty, travel and everything I want my readers to visually experience. I was born in India and settled in Los Angeles since 2004.  I am a stylist, personal shopper, designer, actor, mom and Editor of blog “”.

Whilst expanding my horizons I believe “Life can be beautiful if we enjoy what we have and desire fashion.” If you ask what inspired me to start a blog of my own? I would say that my visit to NY Mercedes Benz Fashion week Spring 2013 made me passionate about blogging and how variedly you can optimize fashion at all levels. Inclination to modern fashion and trends has brought me many associations to the fashion houses and I have also prelaunched my jewellery line. Love yourself Ladies! Lemme sprinkle “ PinkysPowder” all over. Xoxo!